Presentation of CloudEHRServer SaaS subscription plans

Posted by Pablo Pazos Gutierrez on March 3, 2018, 5:20 pm

The new openEHR SaaS is here!

We are very excited to announce that the CloudEHRServer subscription plans are finally here!

In 2017 we released CloudEHRServer as our first SaaS product that was available for participants of the Beta Partner Program, a paid membership for a small group of people and companies, that wanted early access to the service and also wanted to help on it’s development.

Now in 2018 we reached a maturity level in which we are confident to open subscription plans to anyone wanting to use our Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform. This wouldn’t be possible without the support of many individuals and companies (I’ll name them at the end).


The vision

Take into account this is only the first step of a long term vision of providing a truly Open Platform that allows creating health-related apps and systems, by sharing a common set of services and standards, allowing to standardize and share all the clinical information using many international standards for clinical data sharing.

Those basal services will also be the foundation of a new kind of high-value-added services for clinical decision support, population health, research and education. This will be a platform for innovation.

Having an open, standardized, vendor neutral platform, will enable interoperability at a level we didn’t have before, with the sole goal of making clinical information accessible, anywhere, at any time, under any technological platform, to allow clinicians make better decisions for the patient’s health care (for all of us!).

If you want to support this vision but don’t need a subscription to our service just yet, you can do a donation to the open source project.


Now into the CloudEHRServer plans

We are launching three plans, Basic, Standard and Enterprise, with other options of Custom and Dedicated.


Basic Plan

Allows to start small and grow. Will work well for small dev companies, research projects and small clinics.


Standard Plan

Has plenty of storage and allows more clinical document types, alongside with more organizations, so you can manage EHR storage for some clients. This plan is good for mid size development companies and small network of clinics.


Enterprise Plan

More space, more document types and more organizations, and includes 2 hours / month (not accumulative) of personalized support (email, chat and video conference). This plan is for bigger development companies with more clients, networks of clinics and hospitals.


Custom Plan

You can choose the storage space, number or organizations and amount of different clinical documents needed and we will send you a quote.


Dedicated Server

We create a server just for you, with no constraints on the number of organizations and clinical document types, and the complete storage space available just for you.


For all these plans we manage the infrastructure for you, so you don’t have to worry about updates to the software.

You can have more than one subscription, for instance if you sign up to a Basic Plan and later on you have a bigger project, you can keep the Basic Plan subscription and create a new subscription to a Standard Plan.

For now we are handling sign ups manually, we hope to automate this process to make it quicker in the near future. Please bear with us for now, we need your support to keep improving and growing!

Also to simplify payment handling we offer all the plans as a 12 month subscription, paid annually, but charged monthly. So you have an initial credit and we take monthly payments for that credit. If you want to switch plans before your current subscription ends, you will be able to use your current credit to do the monthly payments for your new plan.

I believe these rules are very simple and clear, but if you have any questions, please let me know.

Other services

Alongside with the subscription plans, we provide extra time of personalized support, consultancy, data backup services, and on premise deployment. Also you will have discounted access to our training courses and workshops from  

For personalized support we provide a private chat room with direct access to me, and also provide email and video conference (Google Hangouts) meetings if needed. Video calls should be coordinated beforehand.

You can find more information at our new pricing page:


All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support of many people

Bárbara, my partner in life and my best friend, without her support and patience all this wouldn’t be possible.


openEHR Foundation for creating and maintaining a great standard, and and ecosystem of collaboration.


Thomas Beale, without his work on the openEHR specifications we wouldn’t be talking about openEHR right now, I have learn a lot from his work and from his participation on the openEHR mail list discussions.


Ian McNicoll, Heather Leslie and Silje Ljosland, they are the great team behind most of the clinical modeling done in the openEHR world, and their clinical insight is invaluable when someone on the community needs help with modeling clinical records.


David Ingram, Governor of the openEHR Foundation, gave me encouragement many times sending me wonderful letters, about not giving up and about the importance of my work and contribution to build a better Foundation, Standard and Community.


Juan Carlos Álvarez Martín, one of my students that decided to help me with contributions to the EHRServer project, and implementing himself the openEHR specifications at his workplace.


VeraTech (Diego Boscá, Maryna Danylyuk, David Moner) we formalized a partnership between CaboLabs and VeraTech last year, and have collaborated on many areas and many more to come. With Diego we worked to add a great feature to the EHRServer: injecting SNOMED CT Expressions into openEHR queries.


Richard Satur, for signing up as Beta Partner and supporting the project by buying a development license, he was eager to use the EHRServer in his projects, thanks for the support.


Other colleagues that signed up as Beta Partners and helped to support the servers and creating new educational materials: Eduardo Mauricio Rosa Contreras, Shivakumar Buddharaju, Duda Nogueira, Denis Linares.


ACHISA (Chilean Association of Health Informatics) for their support since 2011 when we partner up to offer training courses and workshops on health information systems, standards and interoperability, including the openEHR standard and using the EHRServer on many courses.


Luis Marco Ruiz, for organizing the Arctic Conference on OpenEHR and Archetype-based clinical Information Systems​, allowing us to present the EHRServer and it’s querying capabilities.


Jorge Aguilera, for his contributions to the EHRServer, he is an expert on Grails, the framework behind the EHRServer.


All the followers and forkers on GitHub


Linode Support Team, with their help we were able to create our first production server using their services.


Sisqualis Brasil, they adopted and adapted the EHRServer to the Brazilian market, also translated the EHRServer guide to portuguese.