EHRServer v2.2 is here!

Posted by Pablo Pazos Gutierrez on April 12, 2020, 5:04 pm

EHRServer is a Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform, focused on Clinical Decision Support.

The v2.x branch initiates a path of technological updates for the EHRServer, alongside with the implementation of new and more standardized APIs, and some great features.

About EHRServer v2.2

EHRServer v2.x was updated to use Grails 3.3.10, previously we were using Grails 2.5.6, and updated most of the used libraries. This was a big technological update that doesn't affect functionality but affects performance, memory consumption, and enables to evolve and integrate newer technologies much easier.

On this version the biggest feature we added is support for AWS S3 to store files used by EHRServer, included openEHR Operational Templates, Clinical Documents and Commit Logs. We also fixed minor issues for stability.

Some noticeable changes:

+ added check for user status on the login

+ fix for the repository size report that was not getting the right numbers from AWS S3

+ fixed issue with the reset password token for user asking to renew their passwords

+ OperationalTemplateIndexer was refactored as a service

+ fixed loading base Operational Templates on bootstrap

+ show if an EHR is logically deleted on the Web Console

+ fix for Query Builder on DV_DURATION criteria

+ added check for REST API token expiration

+ set the default output format to JSON on the Query Builder test area

+ updated how the openEHR templates are identified and named internally




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