Experts on Health Information Systems, Standards and Interoperability.

CaboLabs helps companies and organizations to build, improve and integrate information systems for health.

Consultancy, training, coaching, support, design, development and more.

What we do


We provide a wide range of consultancy services, including health information systems design, system integration, REST API design, clinical database desing, data integration, clinical database audit, interoperability platforms and middleware design, product assessment for acquisition, implementation of standards (openEHR, HL7 v2.x, HL7 v3, HL7 CDA, DICOM, IHE Profiles).

More than 12 years of experience, helping to create better health information systems around the world.


Our online courses enabled hundreds of students and professionals around the world to gain deep technical and conceptual understanding and practical experience on health information systems, standards and interoperability.

We provide a regular program of courses and workshops each year, focused on EHR design, clinical databases, technology, standards and interoperability, given in Spanish and English.

The main topics of our courses include:

  • Electronic Health Records, requirements, architecture, implementation, and integration.
  • Clinical Data Repositories, standards, good practices, implementation technologies
  • openEHR fundamentals, archetypes and templates, clinical modeling, implementation technologies, openEHR vendor-neutral clinical data repositories
  • HL7 v2.x integration design, implementation technologies, formats and communication protocols
  • HL7 CDA clinical document design, validation, communication, storage, implementation technologies
  • DICOM, imaginology system architecture (PACS, RIS, modalities, workstations), DCM4CHEE, integration with HL7, worklists, radiology reports
  • Mirth Connect integration engine, components, channel architecture, communication protocols, message formats
  • IHE Profiles, PIX, PDQ, LTW, SWF, XDS

We also provide custom training for companies and organizations based on specific needs and project requirements, in both modalities online and on-site.


CaboLabs offers open source products and associated services like implementation consultancy, support and development customization.

We created EHRServer: the first open source, vendor-neutral, Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform compliant with the openEHR standard. The EHRServer implements an openEHR Clinical Data Repository, and has an Administrative Web Console and a simple REST API to store, query and retrieve clinical data. Learn more.

CloudEHRServer is the EHRServer provided in a SaaS model. With CloudEHRServer companies can cut development time on e-health projects, while we manage the infrastructure and software updates. Storing standardized clinical data enables interoperabolity and simplifies primary and secondary uses of that data. Check out the Beta site.

Psy.Notes is a Web App to record psychotherapy session notes, using the EHRServer as a clinical data repository. Learn more.


We can help you create prototypes, minimum viable products and proof of concept projects, focused on electronic health records, implementation of standards, interoperability, integration of systems and clinical data repositories.

We have vast experience on implementing standards like openEHR, HL7 v2.x, HL7 CDA, and DICOM.

How we do it

CaboLabs provides a wide range of services, based on the principles of professionalism, trust and excellence.

Our process

Collaboration with our clients is key to understand their needs and provide the best solution to their requirements. We can help on creating new health information systems from scratch, improve current systems, integrate legacy systems, and acquiring new systems. We focus is on sustainable and maintenable health information systems, based on standards that allow interoperability, and are designed with good practices for usability and user experience.

How do we work?

Our consultancy services are offered as packs of hours that you can buy. Once credited to your account, you can use them as needed. That can be a one time or recurring consultancy (like 5 hours per month). Those hours can be used for training, coaching, support, research, design, development, etc.

Our tools

We work with many great tools and technologies to provide high quality services.

Our experience

We've been involved in a wide range of projects around the world. From high level software architecure designs, to very technical system integrations, involving standards and low level communication protocols.


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