EHRServer is a Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform, compliant with the openEHR standard and based on open source software.

Now as a service on the cloud

Main Features

  • Service Oriented / REST API
  • Open Source
  • Supports XML and JSON data
  • Compliant with the openEHR standard
  • Full audit access for traceability
  • Versioned clinical records
  • Data query creation interface
  • Supports any structure of clinical document
  • Multitenancy


Why EHRServer?


First open source clinical data management and sharing platform compliant with the openEHR standard.


Commit and queries clinical data in a few milliseconds.


The Administrative User Interface and the REST API can be easily secured by SSL Certificates, both requires authentication, and the REST API can only accept requests with self-signed tokens obtained after user authentication.

Easy to setup and use

The EHRServer can be installed, configured and be running in less than 10 minutes. Read the EHRServer guide to know more.

Well documented

The EHRServer Guide contains all the information you need to setup, run and use the AUI. It also contains the full REST API documentation.

Made for the cloud

EHRServer can be easily deployed on the cloud on any PaaS provider that supports Java Web Applications, like Linode, OpenShift or AWS.


The EHRServer doesn't contain specific knowledge about the clinical records that will be stored.


All the clinical records that will be stored in the EHRServer will be defined by standard openEHR Operational Templates, created from Archetypes.


The EHRServer can be adapted to different clinical contexts by configuring different sets of clinical document definitions (openEHR Operational Templates), and queries can be created from the Administrative User Interface.


The EHRServer can be used on a wide range of contexts, from small clinics, to networks of hospitals, from hundreds of EHRs to tens of thousands.


To support new clinical documents and queries, no source code needs to be changed, nor the database schema needs to be changed. The EHRServer can be adapted to very different contexts, without changing the software.

Based on Standards

The main design concern of the EHRServer was to be compliant with the openEHR specifications, and use standard communication protocols and standard formats to move data in and out the EHRServer. It also allows to use SNOMED CT expressions to query and filter clinical data semantically.


The use of standards, and a very well documented REST API, allows to integrate any application or system with the EHRServer in hours instead of weeks. The use of Archetypes and Operational Templates guarantee Semantic Interoperability between the EHRServer and any system that makes use of it's data.


Users and systems with permissions can access the clinical information contained in the EHRServer anytime, from anywhere. All the data that comes in can be queried, avoiding the "information silos", a very common problem in healthcare information systems. Also, if users don't have the information they need, how they need it, a specific query can be created and tested in seconds, using the EHRServer Query Builder, and new queries can be available in seconds for users.


Because clinical documentation is inalterable, a versioning mechanism is needed to provider corrections or amendments to clinical documents. The EHRServer supports versioning of clinical documents and maintains all the versions of each document in a traceable structure.


EHRServer supports to have different organizations, each EHR will be associated with one organization. This allows to support EHRs from many hospitals and clinics, on the same instance of the EHRServer. This is secure and very well delimited: one organization can't access the EHRs owned by other organization.

Intuitive Administrative Web Console

The EHRServer Web Console allows to manage, audit and track any aspect of the clinical records, EHRs, patients and queries. Allows to create patients and their EHRs and to create and test data queries. It also looks great on mobile devices!


The EHRServer is supported by CaboLabs Healthcare Informatics, experts on Healthcare Informatics, Interoperability and Standards, with many years of experience in consultancy and training.

EHRServer Whitepaper

The EHRServer Guide

openEHR Conformance Statement

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