We design and develope open source products for eHealth Platforms and offer value added services over those products, like implementation and customization consultancy, including whitelabeling.

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We created EHRServer: the first open source, vendor-neutral, Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform compliant with the openEHR standard. The EHRServer implements an openEHR Clinical Data Repository, and has an Administrative Web Console and a simple REST API to store, query and retrieve clinical data.

CloudEHRServer is the EHRServer provided in a SaaS model. With CloudEHRServer companies can cut development time on e-health projects, while we manage the infrastructure and software updates. Storing standardized clinical data enables interoperabolity and simplifies primary and secondary uses of that data.

Psy.Notes is a Web App to record psychotherapy session notes, using the EHRServer as a clinical data repository.

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