EHRServer Whitepaper


The open source, service-oriented, openEHR compliant clinical data repository. This whitepaper explains the main features and use cases for the EHRServer.

Traveled Distance Usability Tool


This paper explains how to use distance as a measure of user effort, and how to optimize it to improve software usability. This tool will help to improve user interfaces for executing complex workflows.

Usability (Extended) Checklist


Usability Checklist for Existing Systems and Product Prototypes. This tool will allow you detect issues in user interfaces and workflows, from the user experience point of view of a software application. The goals is to qualify and quantify the issues, in an objective way, and delineate a plan to tackle them.

Usability Questionnaire


Know the subjective aspects of user experience, use them to improve your software

Usability Click Count Chart


Evaluate the complexity of the workflows in your software with this useful chart.

Towards the Implementation of an openEHR-based Open Source EHR Platform (a vision paper)


Currently there is an explosion of EHR/EMR products available on the market, and the best tools are really expensive. Many developing countries and healthcare providers cannot access such tools, and for those who can, there is not a clear strategy for the evolution, scaling, and cost of these electronic health products. The lack of standard-based implementations conduct to the creation of isolated information silos that cannot be exploited (i.e. shared between providers to promote a holistic view of each patient's medical history). This paper exposes the main elements behind a Standard-based Open Source EHR Platform that is future-proof and allows to evolve and scale with minimal cost. The proposed EHR Architecture is based on openEHR specifications, adding elements emerged from research and development experiences, leading to a design that can be implemented in any modern technology. Different implementations will be interoperable by design. This Platform will leverage contexts of scarce resources, reusing clinical knowledge, a common set of software components and services.

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