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El fin de este foro es dar soporte gratuito y comercial a los distintos productos y servicios de El soporte gratuito se brinda en los foros de acceso público y no tiene garantía de tiempo mínimo de respuesta. El soporte comercial se brinda en foros privados donde se garantiza una respuesta dentro de las 24 horas.


edited October 2017 in EHRServer
Hello Pablo!

I run both EHRServer and EHRCommitter on one server.
IP address in EHRCommitter/grails-app/conf/Config.groovy(development) configured to EHRServer.

1. To generate document/composition from operational template and use it on EHRCommitter Do I need:
a. to generate instance of template (opt) with openEHR-OPT;
b. put in EHRCommitter/sample_instances directory ?

2. The second question why can't I commit composition from EHRCommitter?
a. I choose template instance
b. I choose Simple_Vaccination_Record_20170211035229_1 and fill form
c. it fails to commit (,

3. I generate instance of sample template Vital Signs (../cabolabs-ehrserver-master/opts/base_opts/Vital_Signs_Summary.EN.v1.opt) with openEHR-OPT and put sample_instances, then commit to EHRServer
but got message in EHRserver UI:

'The OPT Vital Signs referenced by the composition a7c043c1-82ad-44e8-a9c4-f5ceb28183a3 is not loaded. Please load the OPT to allow data indexing. '

Thanks in advance,


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