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El fin de este foro es dar soporte gratuito y comercial a los distintos productos y servicios de El soporte gratuito se brinda en los foros de acceso público y no tiene garantía de tiempo mínimo de respuesta. El soporte comercial se brinda en foros privados donde se garantiza una respuesta dentro de las 24 horas.

Production ready

Hello Pablo!
Does the EHRServer production ready?
Do you have requirements to go production?
Thanks in advance,


  • Yes, it has been on that state for the last couple of releases. Requirements are more related to the underlying infrastructure than the software itself. And that depends on the volume of users and transactions you expect.

    To go to prod you need to change some configurations, like the server instance id, the REST security token, default users passwords, etc. All that is on the Config and Bootstrap scripts.

    And the host server should be secured (admin users, ssh, certificates, ...), this is not related with the EHRServer, any deployment should do it.
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