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Problem building ehrserver V1.2

I ran into a build error with V1.2. 
My OS is Win8.1 running Docker Toolbox on top of Oracle VM VirtualBox. 
I extracted ehrserver V1.2 in the Userfolder and attempted to build V1.2 from this ehrserver folder. 

The build command I used was: docker build --rm=true . 

The build proceeded but failed at Step 13. The error was as follow:
Step 13/15 : RUN chmod +x /app/ ---> Running in 1b1e12b4e282 
chmod: cannot access /app/ No such file or directory 
The command '/bin/sh -c chmod +x /app/' returned a non-zero code: 1 

Can you please advise how to overcome this error? Was my above build statement correct? 
In the manual for V1.2, it said for build to succeed, MySQL, Grails 2.5.6, JDK must be installed. 
In the dockerfile, all these apps were build in the script. But ehrserver is not listed. 
What build commands & files do I need to get ehrserver 1.2 build? 
Can you please give me more information how I can complete the building of ehrserver? 
Also, once the build is done successfully, what docker run command should I use to get ehrserver 1.2 to run? 
Thanks in advance.


  • Hi, the docker configuration was provided by the community, you can raise an issue to fix it if you find any issues.

    You can try to install EHRServer nativelly using the steps desribed in the guide contained in the project source.
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