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Commit composition to EHRServer

edited September 2018 in EHRServer
Hi all 
I'm try to upload a composition to ehr-server using REST API with postman.
It responds with HTTP 412 and this object {
    "result": {
        "type": "AR",
        "message": "The OPT '' referenced from the commit is not loaded. Please load the OPT to allow data indexing.",
        "code": "EHRSERVER::API::RESPONSE_CODES::1324"
and it seams that the template is not loaded or it is not present into the composition.

The composition is generated using the on-line tool and uploading the template vital_signs_summary.en.v1 directly from the server (it's one of the default template inside ehrserver).

Thank you

Gabriele Carboni


  • Hi Gabriele,

    This message "The OPT '' referenced from the commit is not loaded" makes me think the template id is not set on the instance generated.

    There should be a field "template_id" with the value "vital_signs_summary.en.v1" in the instance.

    Try creating it as XML, maybe the JSON generator has a bug.

  • Hello, thank you a lot for the step by step guide in the youtube channel,
    but what if i would like to commit with insomnia the clinical data to the EHRServer that are in a nosql format (JSON file for example) is this possible?

    in other words, is it possible to have a data source file from a nosql data store rather than a relational database and by then generating the json openehr compliant? 

    thank you 
  • You need to create a new thread, your question has nothing to do with this one.
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