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El fin de este foro es dar soporte gratuito y comercial a los distintos productos y servicios de El soporte gratuito se brinda en los foros de acceso público y no tiene garantía de tiempo mínimo de respuesta. El soporte comercial se brinda en foros privados donde se garantiza una respuesta dentro de las 24 horas.

Timeout exception without internet connection

Hello fellows,

I tried to install the server what was a success I think. At least I get the log-in windows when I open the link. But when I enter the default credentials (admin@cabolabs/admin) I get timeout exception. The problem is- I got a virtual machine in our hospital which don't have internet connection by default. I have to call the IT if I want to download smth (this was the requirement for the testing server). 

But if I have the internet connection, everything is fine and I can get to the dashboard. Does anybody know what the problem is? Why does it need the internet connection?


  • Just for the record: the EHRServer wasn't designed to be complete isolated from Internet, needs some connections for the emails, notification service and the queries that use SNOMED Expressions. The timeout is because it fails to connect to the notification service.
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