We are experts in e-health systems, platforms, architectures and applications

We design and develope open source products for eHealth Platforms and offer value added services over those products, like implementation and customization consultancy, including whitelabeling and rebranding.


Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform. Innovate. Integrate. Scale.


Clinical management system for hospital emergency departments. Take control.

CaboLabs openEHR Toolkit

Our set of tools to help you work with openEHR artifacts.

Atomik Server

A next generation EHR Server, flexible, simpler, faster.

Cloud EHRServer

EHRServer as a Service on the Cloud. Delegate server management on us.


Practice management for psychotherapists.

We apply our experience to your next project!

Flexibility is key for us, we can adapt to your needs.

Prototyping / Proof of Concept / MVP

Do you have a product idea related to clinical records or health information interchange? We can create prototypes, experiment alternatives, do proof of concept and create minimum viable products.

Custom development

We can do the full cycle, software design, functional analysis, API design, database design, use cases or user stories, development, testing, QA, delivery, implementation, maintenance, support and training. Focused on open source tools that can help building any kind of app.

Adaptation of our tools to your needs

Do you want to use any of our applications and tools but you need to add o change something? No problem! We offer customization services, whitelabeling and rebranding deals. Let us know what you need!

Our tools

We use a wide set of tools and we are happy to learn and use new ones.

Our approach to health information systems architecture

Based on 17+ years of working in the field, we believe the best approach available today for health information systems architecture is the Microservices Architecture in combination with an Open Platform approach.

Some characteristics of this specific approach are:

  • Enables interoperability
  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • High availability
  • Standardized data and services
  • Better scaling
  • Lower coupling between components
  • Simpler maintenance and change management
  • Component interchangeability
  • Specialization of team members
  • Better documentation
  • Avoids vendor lock-in
  • More independence from technology
  • Not focused on software, focus on services and contracts
  • It's a SOA!

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