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Getting html form from opt through the Cabolabs Toolkit

The cabolabs toolkit is awesome and I'd like to know more about its working. How is the html form being generated from operational templates and which language/framework/library is being used? Does openEHR organization provide some api for the same? It is a complex task to map all the opt elements to html elements and some elements like ARCHETYPE_SLOT aren't added yet. 


  • Hi, thanks.

    The Toolkit is not open source, though is free to use. In the future we will add more tools to also work with archetypes, and some other advanced features. One feature will be based on subscriptions and will allow to manage your archetypes and templates inside the Toolkit, right now the toolkit doesn't save the information for you and we got a lot of requests to be able to do so.

    An ARCHETYPE_SLOT doesn't contain data definition, is just a placeholder to put an archetype. If the slot is not resolved in the template, then the slot is not defined and doesn't generate any fields in the GUI. That is expected behavior. You need to resolve the slots at design time, then the GUI generated wil reflect that.


    BTW the best place to get fast support is our
  • Oh I forgot, the API will be one of those features that will be available via subscription to the service.
  • The new toolkit beta will be released next week.
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