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CaboLabs helps companies and organizations to build, assess, buy, improve, audit and integrate Health Information Systems. We provide a wide range of services, including: software architecture, service layers/API and information model design, system/data integration design and implementation, and of course we can help with standards like HL7 (HL7 v2.x, CDA, FHIR), openEHR, DICOM, LOINC, and SNOMED CT.


Our courses enabled hundreds of students and professionals around the world to gain deep technical, conceptual understanding and practical experience on health information systems, standards and interoperability. We provide a regular program of courses and workshops, focused on EHR design, clinical databases, technology, standards and interoperability, offered in Spanish and English.


CaboLabs offers open source products and associated services like implementation consultancy, support and development customization. Our flagship product is the EHRServer, a Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform compliant with the openEHR standard, and integrable with other standards like HL7 FHIR, CDA, HL7 v2.x, and DICOM.

Why CaboLabs?

CaboLabs is a small company from Uruguay. Founded by Pablo Pazos Gutierrez in 2012, after working for 6 years in the health care domain as a developer, architect and integration engineer for EHR and hospital-related projects. Pablo worked doing research and development on EHR design and implementation of standards for clinical information systems, presented papers on many conferences, and published articles on specialized magazines, press and international conferences. In 2011 Pablo offered the first worldwide 100% online openEHR course with the support of ACHISA and HIBA, which was a success and helped to kickoff CaboLabs. After 12 years with CaboLabs, we are well established as leaders in online eHealth education, helping many universities on their eHealth education programs, offering also custom education and training for companies and organizations. Also worked with around 25 different companies worldwide.

We have vast experience in health information systems, standards and interoperability. Our customers trust us with projects of different size and complexity. We are focused on solving problems, and we are oriented to results, delivering high quality documentation. We don't work FOR our customers, we work WITH them.

More than 18 years of total experience, helping to create better health information systems and training professionals around the world.

Our values are:

  • Transparency
  • Professionalism
  • Trust
  • Excellence

Talk with an expert

Pablo Pazos Gutierrez, is a top notch international expert on digital health, working towards building more integrated health systems, and adding value for all it's parties: public and private providers, acedemy, industry, research, caregivers, and, above all, for the patients.

We are experts in openEHR and provide consultancy, coaching and training

Our founder started to work with openEHR back in 2006, when CaboLabs wasn't even an idea and the openEHR specs where not stable. Working as a Java developer in a Critical Care system, beside implementing the standard in the system, he started to contribute to improve the openEHR specifications and the openEHR Java Reference Implementation, by reporting bugs and suggesting improvements. In total, we have been working with the openEHR standard for more than 18 years.

We designed the first globally available course 100% about openEHR back in 2011, and added other education offers since then, covering conceptual, technical and clinical aspects for understanding, defining strategies and implementing openEHR.

In 2013 we released EHRServer which is the first open source implementation of an openEHR clinical data repository ever released!

Our professional history with openEHR speaks for itself: an unmatched set of skills an experience in the area. If you need help with openEHR, you are in the right place!

We are experts in Mirth Connect implementation and training

We are Mirth Connect early adopters, and helped many companies with integration work using Mirth Connect as the integration engine, the most popular open source integration engine for health care systems. CaboLabs is a leader on Mirth Connect education in Spanish and English, trained 200+ professionals form 15+ countries in the last 10 years.

Working with HL7 for 16 years

Been working with HL7 v2.x and HL7 CDA for quite some time. Designed complete integration platforms for our customers based on those standards, designed many CDA implementation guides, and mapped a lot of custom data formats to the HL7 formats to be able to interchange data between systems. Also did implementations based on open tools like HAPI and Mirth Connect.

Our Customers

From software companies to health care providers, and everything in between.

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