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Clinical Repository Design

One of our most valuable skills is to create high quality clinical database and repository designs. The difference between a database and a repository lies in that a repository is a little more complex, and includes one or many databases, alongside with data processing logic and some interfaces, like REST APIs.

This means our designs take into consideration aspects of different standards, querying requirements and performance requirements, among other quality features like unicity, consistency, completeness.

We focus on relational databases, since most databases for clinical use are relational, and we are more than happy to explore no-SQL mechanism most relational engines currently offer. Of course, there is a use case for every approach, and we can help you find the best approach for each requirement.

At CaboLabs we have vast experience on clinical data repository design and implementation and we offer training and tools on this area.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is straight forward. It starts by understanding the goal of the project, the main use cases, and the information that will be managed. Based on this, we design a conceptual information model, which we validate with the client. And also create a list of elements that need definition with the client (missing bits on the use cases, unclear or border cases, or areas where we have alternatives from which we need to decide one option).

Then we refine that model and follow the same process of validating and defining gray areas, until our model complies with all the requirements and it is completely defined. From this we got into the implementation model, where we map the conceptual model into an specific database technology. If the project implies the creation of a repository, we also design the service interfaces, in general REST APIs, and design the internal flows for data processing and validation.

Optionally the client can ask for the development of prototypes, or even do the complete development of the solution. Our delivery inclides a thorough documentation, including each design, desicions made, and implemenatation recommendations.

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