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openEHR data discoverability

openEHR query discoverability allows data discoverability, which enables secondary uses of clinical information and opens the door for innovation. Basically you can ask your EHR what can it provide, you pick, and it will give you the data already filtered and standardized.

Data Validation for openEHR Conformance Verification

In openEHR Conformance Verification, when a system that receives data from external sources claims compliance with the specs, one key area to test is Data Validation.

What is openEHR?

openEHR is a set of specifications for the core components of a health information platform, which has many desired characteristics included by design...

openEHR Conformance Framework

openEHR Conformance Framework: the complete guide to openEHR Conformance Verification and Certification

Is separating "data" from "app" layers important in eHealth projects?

Lately I've seen some discussion in the Health IT field about separating or not the "data layer" from the "app layer". For some this is over complicating things, for others is a pretty basic architectural "good practice".

EHRServer v2.3 was released!

It's been a while since our last release. This v2.3 release is a stabilization version with bug fixes and improvements to the usability of the Administrative Web Console to help managing clinical information to the EHRServer administrators.

A new tool to help with openEHR data mapping

There are no much tools out there to help with openEHR data mapping, so I planned to create something that would help.

EMEhealth: clinical management app for emergency departments (Medical Record + Order Management + Real Time Communication)

We are presenting EMEhealth, a system developed by CaboLabs focused on Emergency Departments. The main goal of this tool is to allow clinicians, nurses and paramedics to know what is currently happening in the Emergency Deparmet, and improve communication between members of the health care team.

EHRServer v2.2 is here!

EHRServer is a Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform, focused on Clinical Decision Support.

EHRServer v1.5 was released!

This new version of the EHRServer is a very special version This version is special because marks the end of an era and the begining of a new one. After this version, the 1.x branch will be just for maintenance, and we will focus on the new v2.x branch, starting from a migration of all the base technology, to get rid of some legacy dependencies we have, and update our beloved EHRServer to be ready for more current technologies and platforms.

Design and Implementation of HL7 CDA Clinical Documents Workshop (intensive)

This workshop exposes all the steps needed to design and implement valid HL7 CDA clinical documents in real software systems, allowing students to code and test every aspect of the CDA implementation. It includes an introduction to the HL7 v3 specifications, the CDA model, clinical document design process, XML generation, validation, processing, and visualization, usage of standard terminologies and CDA implementation guides.

EHRServer Implementation and Management Workshop

Open Clinical Data Management and Sharing Platform compliant with the openEHR standard. From May 20 to June 9, 2019. Organized by ACHISA & CaboLabs. Enrollment will be open until May 12 2019.

EHRServer v1.4 was released!

We are very excited to announce the new version of the EHRServer is here.

Microservice architectures and open platforms for health care information systems

For any IT professional working in health care, software architecture should be an area of interest, and each project should start with an architectural design. Building software is like building a house, we need to think where each component (room) goes, their size, features, try different alternatives, find which ones fits our needs, estimates costs, etc. Also we need to create blueprints with very detailed specifications ...

Mirth Connect Interoperability Workshop (in English)

We have opened the enrollment for a new edition of the Interoperability with Mirth Connect and HL7 Online Workshop (in English). Registrations will be open until April 1st. Mirth Connect is the most popular open source integration engine focused on health care and standards for health information exchange.

How to work with an openEHR Clinical Data Repository - step by step

We tried to make this as simple and developer friendly as possible, even if you don't know much about the openEHR standard, you can still use it and say "my app is openEHR compliant".

EHRServer v1.3 was released!

We are very excited to announce the new version of the EHRServer is here.

The importance of Clinical Information Modeling

Clinical Information Modeling (or just Clinical Modeling) is a key area on any Health Informatics project. This process is needed to determine which information will be managed by Information Systems, and how it will be stored, processed, visualized, used, shared and integrated in an wider eHealth Platform.

New and improved CaboLabs website!

We just redesigned the whole CaboLabs website, with the objective of bringing more and better information about our experience, services, training and products.

New EHRServer v1.2

We are very excited to announce that the new version of the EHRServer is out!

Presentation of CloudEHRServer SaaS subscription plans

We are very excited to announce that the CloudEHRServer subscription plans are finally here!

I tried to kill the EHRServer

This article describes the process of loading & stress testing on the EHRServer to evaluate performance, resource consumption, and to detect potential issues.

openEHR + SNOMED CT: a perfect combination for data querying

On this article I'll explain how openEHR queries can benefit from SNOMED CT concepts and expressions, focused on our implementation on the EHRServer.

EHRServer: from proof of concept to an open source SaaS product

This article summarizes the story of the EHRServer from the first tests until the current product.

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